Welcome to Blue Heron Studio

blue-heron-image.jpgBlue Heron Studio helps musicians and songwriters in the Portland, Oregon area realize their goals with professional recordings using the latest digital technology. We offer a relaxed and supportive environment to help you sound your best, without time pressures and aggressive production schedules. Contact us at 503-888-2781 or glforte@comcast.net.


  • Tracking and overdubbing in an acoustically optimized space with professional quality mics, converters and audio processors.
  • Editing and mixing to bring out the best in your recorded sound and to elicit the feel and dynamics that support your vision.
  • Mastering to make sure your tracks are consistent and sound their best in all listening environments, and when broadcast over the air or streamed over the net.
  • We can help you prepare and submit your masters to commercial duplication services such as Diskfaktory or Disc Makers.


For a limited time, BHS is offering a special fixed album project price of $100 per song including tracking, editing, mixing and mastering. We also offer scholarships for a limited number of qualifying artists. Please see our Scholarships page for application information.

See Artists page.

A studio for recording artists in the greater Portland area.