Painted Mantis

Painted Mantis is a modern jazz group based out of Portland Oregon. Comprised of seven of Portland’s most celebrated young musical artist, this group takes inspiration from everything from classical impressionism to today’s rock, from Duke Ellington to Keith Jarret.

The room given to each unique voice in the band is the source of the limitless creativity that this group feeds on. That creativity is then wrapped in great song writing with strong melodies and powerful changes, resulting in a night of endless stories to listen to.

The Girl and the Mantis

Maurice and the Stiff Sisters

Maurice and the Stiff Sisters play energetic rock ’n’ roll with singable hooks and no shortage of showmanship. Think Elvis Costello, Jonathan Richman and Nick Lowe’s Stiff Records (no relation) paired with gritty Stax Records horn stabs and Bob Pollard’s high kicks.

The songs range widely from catchy pop and cheeky sambas to 6/8 soul ballads and jet-takeoff psych-rock. Audiences are treated to a showcase of airtight, danceable rhythms, the crack horn duo of Bryant Byers (trombone) and Aaron Mattison (tenor saxophone) and a heavy dose of wailing 12-string guitars and flying hair provided by Maurice himself. @mauriceandthestiffsisters

Heart Beats Faster

Rebecca Hardiman

According to Scott Yanow, Jazz Journalist and Historian for the LA Jazz Times, If Doris Day in the 1950s had been a jazz singer, could scat with the cool assurance of Anita O’Day, and expressed the happiness of Ella, she might have sounded a little like Rebecca Hardiman.” These cuts are from Rebecca’s second recording with Blue Heron Studio featuring Ray Hardiman on piano, Whitney Moulton on bass and oboe, Kurt Deutscher on drums and Laird Halling on flute, clarinet and alto sax.

It’s All Right with Me

Round Midnight

Don’t Go To Strangers

 Robert Henry Band

RHB was invited to compete in the Battle of the Bands at the Ponderosa Lounge this past spring. Voting in the preliminary rounds showed the Robert Henry Band had a strong following and fans were eager to hear the RHB “old country” sound. The group was the Battle of the Bands winner for 2018! The RHB has a combined 100 plus years of music experience. All of the members are home grown Oregonians and proud Pacific Northwest artists!

Give Me a Guitar

Little Sister

Momma Don’t

Waymore’s Blues

Dirty Revival

Dirty Revival’s democratic approach to music shows in their songwriting, their original music effortlessly incorporating several different genres of music. At times showcasing their unique take on the soul and funk sounds of the 60’s and 70’s, then, straddling the line between rock band and pop band. it’s is difficult to put the Dirty Revival in any one genre of music. Fronted by Portland native, Sarah Clarke, who’s powerful vocals and engaging stage presence immediately command attention, the band includes six exceptional musicians: Evan “Evvnflo” Simko (Guitar + MC), Terry Drysdale (Drums), Jon Shaw (Bass), Ben Turner (Keys), Chris Hardin (Tenor Sax), Thomas Barber (Trumpet).

Take My Time

Samuel Eisen-Meyers and Friends

As 2018 came to a close, a handful of incredible local musicians gathered at Blue Heron Studio to welcome the new year with their own heartfelt rendition of “Auld Lang Syne.” Band members include Samuel Eisen-Meyers, Haley Johnsen, Margaret Wehr, Clara Baker, Craig Irby Jr. , Charlie Brown, Alex Milsted and Cory Limuaco.

Auld Lang Syne

Rebecca Hardiman

Rebecca started her professional career with the Boston based vocal jazz group, The Ritz, performing at the  1987 Montreal Jazz Festival as well as jazz clubs throughout the country. While with The Ritz, she recorded a CD  entitled The Ritz for Denon Columbia Records. She moved to Portland Oregon in 1990 and started the vocal jazz group Euphoria, performing throughout the Northwest for over a decade, most notably opening for Mel Tormé in 1993 at the Hult Center. In 2013 she embarked on a solo career and quickly became a favorite vocalist with jazz musicians. Rebecca’s style is often compared to Ella Fitzgerald, June Christy, and Doris Day. More info here.

This recording also features Ray Hardiman on piano and keyboard, Craig Snazelle on bass, Ron Steen on drums and Laird Halling on flute and saxophone.

No More Blues

Rain Sometimes

Silver Lining

Something Cool

Ophelia Handiberry

Known for her outstanding keyboard artistry interwoven melodies, rich bass lines, unique percussive touches and dreamy vocals, Ophelia’s innovation marks her as a rare, passionate artist.  Listening to her distinct sound you embrace styles ranging from Jazz, New Age, Classical, Native fusion, African, Latin, and Jigs. Her very identifiable, “Contemporary Eclectic Sounds” or what her Fans call, “Ophelia Music”, have been featured on National Public Radio- National PBS programs, and numerous national and syndicated radio stations. More info here.

Da Bass

Fly Away

Jake William Capistran

Jake is a talented songwriter, producer, musician and signer who works and attends music school in Portland. Originally from the East Coast, Jake’s songs tell stories of his travels and aspirations. Read about Jake in Vortex Music Magazine. Watch Jake  and 11 others perform “Goners” live at Blue Heron Recording Studio. Jake’s website here.

Keep Wallkin

Big Yellow Cadillac


We Can’t Change the World

Kode Bluuz

Kode-BluuzKode Bluuz plays music that everyone can enjoy, from Blues to R&B, Jazz, Ol’ Skool, Reggae, Rock, original songs and even a little bit of country. We give a Gumbo Flavor to the music world–there’s a taste of something for everyone.

Cross Country

Pride and Joy

T-Bone Shuffle

Steamboat Willie
I was fortunate to meet Steamboat Willie while he was a Katrina refugee living temporarily in Portland. We did the tracking for two of his CDs, Steamboat Willie Meets Plink Floyd Volumes 1 and 2, while the guys were here with ace banjo player Lee Floyd, and virtuoso bassist Doug Potter. Steamboat has a unique and engaging vocal style that is perfect of those traditional Southern jazz love songs, as well as an upbeat trumpet that kicks it on hot Trad Jazz numbers. If you’re in New Orleans, treat yourself by catching Steamboat’s show at the Cafe Benet on Bourbon Street,

St. James Infirmary

Jesse Young
Jessie hails from the South and was living and performing in New Orleans when Katrina hit, forcing him to seek temporary shelter in Portland at the behest of the Portland Jazz Society. One thing led to another and Jessie ended up staying–good news for Portland! He’s a great guitarist and has a very unique and interesting voice and style. You can see him at various venues around town.


Every time the Meltdown band plugs in, the party begins. It is no wonder they are such a highly requested band in the Portland area! Meltdown plays a wide variety of music with something for everyone, and Meltdown shows always include plenty of laughter, dancing, and people singing along. Check out their website.


Get Lucky

Moves Like Jagger

Aria Anaforian
aria-photo-150x150From an early age Aria Anaforian has had a love for music and a passion for worship that God planted in her heart and soul. Growing up in Central California, she started playing guitar and singing in church at a young age. At the age of 17 she felt the call to move to Portland to pursue ministry. She began leading worship for the recovery ministry “Break Free Ministries” at the church and there she saw Gods restoring work in the lives of the people that attended. During her time “Restored” was birthed. Her desire is, that through her music, people will be connected to a real God and have an authentic encounter in His presence. See her album on cdbaby.


Two Sisters and a Mr.
two-sisters-150x150Fabulous 1940’s style entertainment…when one of the “sisters” moved to the Southern Oregon coast, they decided to add a “husband” whose rich voice adds a special touch of class and elegance to the mix. In WWII era influenced attire, including hats and gloves, they sing songs such as Tuxedo Junction, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree, and the McGuire Sisters’ timeless hit, Sincerely.

Accentuate the Positive

Larry Wilder
larry_wilder_leftLarry draws on a wide variety of traditional Americana music sources including the Carter Family, Flatt & Scruggs, Woody Guthrie, Sons of the Pioneers, Jimmie Rodgers, Johnny Cash, Elizabeth Cotten, Bill Monroe, Hank Williams, Kingston Trio, Gordon Lightfoot and Peter, Paul & Mary along with many others. Here’s a sample of Larry singing with his son Nolan. Hear much at Larry Wilder Music.

I’ve Been Everywhere

A studio for recording artists in the greater Portland area.