Blue Heron Studio makes it easy for independent musicians to produce and distribute their own content. Service packages spanning the entire production process can be selected individually or in combination, with pricing scaled to the project scope (i.e., number of songs). Turn your dreams into reality with professional facilities and guidance that will ensure a world class result.

RECORDING Package…$100/song
Tracking, editing and mixing (customer receives raw tracks and mixed songs in 32 bit, 96 KHz WAV format).

PRODUCER Package…$100/song
Concept development and project plan
Cover licensing
Chart development and orchestration
Session musician hiring and management*
Performance consultation

Mastering (all songs in a project)
Package design (graphic design, photography, package layout)
ISRC and UPC registration
Generation of DDP file set for replication
Management of CD/vinyl manufacturing process*
Enrollment on CD Baby*

FULL COMBO Package (all 3 packages above at a 15% discount).
For example, opting for the Full Combo package on a 10 song album would cost $2,125 ($1,000+1,000+500 minus 15% discount) plus the cost of hired session musicians and CD/vinyl manufacturing. The latter costs are passed through to the customer with no markup.

We also offer a discount of 20% on the 2nd and subsequent projects within a 12-month period.

*Musician wages, CD Baby fees and manufacturing costs vary based on customer requirements and are passed through to the customer with no markup.

A studio for recording artists in the greater Portland area.