Blue Heron Studio (BHS) has a 200 sq. ft. control room/isolation booth and a 500 sq. ft. live studio. Both are acoustically treated to provide a 0.5 sec reverb time (T60) in the studio, and 0.3 sec in the control room.







We run a  high resolution (32bit, 96K) digital recording environment with hardware-based, zero-latency monitoring system with separate mixes for each musician. A sampling of our studio mics include the Neumann TLM102 and KM184, AKG C451, C414 and C214, Audio-Technica 4033, Rode NT2 and NT5, Audix D4 and D6, and Shure 57, 58 and Beta 52. Recorded WAV tracks are compatible with Pro Tools, Cubase, Reaper, Logic Pro, Live, Sonar,  or any other professional audio processing software.

BHS provides the following instruments for your use…

  • Yamaha C3 grand piano from Classic Pianos of Portland,
  • Yamaha drum kit (Stage Custom Maple with Mushasi 1365M oak snare, 3 toms, Zildjian 18″ crash and 20″ ride, and Sabian 16″ rock crash ),
  • Percussion including congas, bongos and a variety of hand percussion,
  • Selection of electric and acoustic guitars.

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A studio for recording artists in the greater Portland area.