Review Your Tracks

(For Blue Heron Studio clients)

Work-in-progress is posted to the Blue Heron Studio Dropbox folder as MP3 files.

Downloading Your Tracks from Dropbox

1. We will send you an email with a link to a Dropbox folder (see for more information on Dropbox). Click on the link in your email.

2. You can play the tracks using the player built into Dropbox:

3. To download your tracks to your own device,  open your Dropbox folder and select all the files you want to download (control-click or shift-click), then click the Download link above the file list.

4. Next you see a standard file save dialog. Just pick a place to save the files on your own computer.

You can allow others to review your tracks by sending the Dropbox link to them by email or text message.

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